Things to Do in New Orleans in Fall 2018

D-Day Museum

Visit the only museum in the U.S. focused solely on WWII. World War II veterans, Hollywood stars and politicians visited New Orleans on June 6 to celebrate the grand opening of the National D-Day Museum, the country’s first facility to memorialize one of the most important battles of the war. Newsman Tom Brokaw, director Steven Spielberg, actor Tom Hanks and noted historian Stephen Ambrose all appeared at a parade and celebration that honored the “greatest generation” and its sacrifice.

The last of the confetti has been cleaned up, but now’s the perfect time to see the D-Day Museum for yourself.

Now boarding

The Jazzland amusement park has opened its gates to the public.

It’s been well over 15 years since New Orleans has had its own place to enjoy coasters, log flumes, bumper cars and the carnival atmosphere of a major amusement theme park. After the May 20 opening, Orleanians are now able to enjoy their own park once again.

Visit Cajun Country, Gator Bait or enjoy the nostalgic Pontchartrain Beach section. Enjoy tasty “N’awlins” treats or experience the thrill of the Mega Zeph, one of the world’s largest wooden roller coasters. Jazz up your summer with a visit to New Orleans’ hottest new attraction!

Don’t miss “Jazz, Jazz, Jazz!”, a foot-stomping 25 to 30 minute musical designed to reflect the jazz history and culture of New Orleans. The show runs daily in the theme park’s 10,000 sq. ft., French Quarter inspired Festival Hall.

Eat up

Everybody knows that meals are the main ingredient of a New Orleans vacation.

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On the bayou

• Take your guests to Cajun country.