Alonso’s Restaurant Review (New Orleans)

Alonso’s opened on Jefferson Highway when the area wasn’t yet called Old Jefferson–back in the 1930s. Hurricane Betsy blew Alonso’s down, but it rebuilt around the corner on Central Avenue, then the main connection between Airline and Jefferson Highways. (It’s just a side street now, so the place is a little off the main traffic flow.

When Al Alonso retired, the place closed for a short time, but was taken over by a group of old customers who missed it too much. They brought back the place in essentially the same form it always had: a neighborhood joint serving seafood (fried and boiled) poor boy sandwiches, and blue-plate specials so predictable you could probably figure out the whole schedule without prompting. This, however, is a very comfortable kind of establishment for Orleanians, and the cooking is more than good enough to keep the place on your mental map.

On Tuesdays and Fridays here, they do an all-you-can-eat catfish thing that’s very popular and pretty good, too. During the shank of the season, they’ll also allow that surfeit on boiled crawfish or crabs.

Alonso’s Menu Recommendations
• Onion rings
• Boiled shrimp
• Boiled crawfish and crabs in season
• Seafood gumbo
• Fried seafood platters
• Daily specials
• Roast beef poor boy
• Fried oyster poor boy
• Pecan pie